Amy Han

Amy is an author and creative writing teacher based in Melbourne. As the founder and director of Creative Write-it, she is deeply passionate about helping young people to express their ideas on the page (or screen) in engaging and exciting ways.

She is the author of two novels for young (and young at heart) people: Ru Dreaming and Breaking Jumps; and the short story collection A Trip to Somewhere Else. Her writing has also been featured in magazines and journals including Wet Ink, The Big Issue, Tincture and lip magazine.

When she’s not writing or encouraging young people to write, she can usually be found practising her superhero skills a.k.a. parkour.

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C1Blitz Teen Review Panel – hear what they really think
Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

For writers of Young Adult (YA) fiction, the most important audience is not publishers or parents, schools or editors – it’s teenagers. If teens get their books, love their characters, and want to read more – a YA author’s work is done.

But how often do you hear directly from the minds and hearts of teens? How hard is it to find out what they like, why they like it, and what they want to read next? The C1Blitz Teen Review Panel will give you the lowdown and help you supercharge your writing.

A group of teenagers will gather at 11am on 22nd February (AEDT) to discuss the early bird entries from the C1Blitz (Chapter One) Competition. They will let fly on what they liked about the first chapters, what they didn’t like, and what they’d like to see changed.

Moderated by the Freshly Squeezed Reads team, the panel will be filmed live, streamed to wherever you are in the world.

Whether your early bird entry is being discussed, you’re planning to enter C1Blitz, or you simply want to hear what readers think, this panel will give you food for thought.

If you’re keen to be an early bird and have your work reviewed live, submit your first chapter of an unpublished YA novel by midnight on 15th February (US PST) / 7pm on 16th February (AEST) / 8am on 16th February (GMT).

To find out more about Freshly Squeezed and the C1Blitz Competition, visit and the C1Blitz page .

C1Blitz is a competition that aims to discover, promote and support emerging writers of high quality YA fiction. The fiction must be intended for young adults aged 13 to 18 years.