Emma Maguire

Emma is a PhD researcher in English Literature at Flinders University where she is completing her doctoral thesis, titled ‘Automedial Girlhoods: Reading Girls’ Autobiographical Practice in Digital Contexts’. She is interested in autobiography, pop culture, digital media, and gender. You find out more about her work at emmamaguire.wordpress.com

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Herself, Ourselves: Blogging as a Feminist Issue
Friday, February 20th, 2015

Often dismissed as little else than a pastime for stay-at-home mothers, blogging gives a voice to female writers who might be too shy to immediately pitch to publications, or a chance to share alternative thoughts to what we see in mainstream media.

How do we encourage women to use this platform as a way to not only share their stories but also to connect with others, without demonising women who might choose to blog about parenting, fashion, or interiors and design? Join our four female panelists for a discussion about blogging as a means of building confidence as a writer, and as a form of publishing that builds communities for niche interests and voices, as well as the socially isolated.