Sam George-Allen

Sam George-Allen is a Brisbane writer and musician. She edits city guide Four Thousand and is a co-founding editor of online literary journal Scum.

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

A decade ago, Frank Warren founded PostSecret, a mail art project encouraging strangers to scribble secrets on a postcard, mailed in, scanned, and shared with the world. In the years since, startups and artists have played with the relationship between public sharing and anonymity. Where are we (whoever we are!) now?

In this participatory event, audience members are asked to submit short memoir pieces anonymously to the editors of Scum for publication on the Scum site. During the livestreaming event, Scum editors and contributors who work in confessional memoir will discuss the intersections between confessional memoir and technology, gently dissecting the anonymous submissions received from audience members.

To take part in this event, submit your anonymous flash memoir via!