Sunday, February 15th, 2015
10:00 am (Melbourne time / AEDT - convert to your timezone?)

20 Minute Cities: Dunedin

This event has already finished!

Take a literary tour around the world, with the help of the Digital Writers’ Festival! Join a pair of emerging writers from each of the world’s UNESCO Cities of Literature as they walk you through their city, introducing you to local writers and pointing out what makes their hometown great. Control the path of the writers by interacting with them on Twitter, directing them through the streets of Edinburgh, Melbourne, Iowa City, Dublin, Reykjavík, Norwich, and Kraków.

20 Minute Cities takes place over Google Hangouts and Twitter, with a pair of emerging writers in each city armed with a 3G/4G data pack and two smartphones. One writer will livecast a videostream of their travels, while their partner will access the #dwf15 stream on Twitter, answering questions from viewers located around the world.

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Artists in this event:

Henry Feltham

Henry grew up playing video games and reading books. Now he writes award winning fiction and award winning games. He also does words for web, and waves his hands around a lot pitching video after video after video for things he doesn’t really care about. He’s a lot of different people in Twitter, but start with @Hankfultron.