Saturday, February 14th, 2015
3:00 pm (Melbourne time / AEDT - convert to your timezone?)

The Three-Legged Race Around the World

This event has already finished!

Disclaimer: Not an actual race.

Remember three-legged races? This is a bit like that, but instead of itchy burny rope, you’ll be tied together with the internet!

The Three-Legged Race Around the World is the latest project by Georgia Symons and Biscuit Policy, produced especially for the Digital Writers’ Festival. In this event, watch as two strangers from opposite sides of the world (Melbourne and Copenhagen) are  tasked with going for a walk together, following the exact same instructions, on opposite sides of the globe. Along the way, the strangers will work together in their pairs to write, photograph and draw the story of their stroll.


After the event, if you’re interested, you’ll be able to take part in your own three-legged race! Sign up to participate and you’ll be assigned to a partner. Some pairs might upload the fruits of their three-legged labour to be shared with the festival audience and launch them to guaranteed* literary stardom and acclaim; others might keep their collaborative artistic genius a secret. Either way, we’ll all finish the day with a new friend, and a creative memento of that time we went on a three-legged stroll around the world. And no rope burn!*

(*Not guaranteed)


Read our interview with Georgia Symons on the Digital Writers’ Festival blog.

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Artists in this event:

Georgia Symons

Your name is Georgia Symons and you have an abiding love of the second person. It unsettles people. Your theatre works have been performed throughout Australia and New Zealand (Mollycoddled, Twisted) and toured to the UK (Am I Good Friend?). Your writing has been published by UTS Writers Anthology, Seizure Magazine online, and ATYP’s The Voices Project. You knew this bio would descend into monotonous listing eventually.