Monday, February 16th, 2015
6:00 pm (Melbourne time / AEDT - convert to your timezone?)

DWF x General Assembly: Why Writers Should Learn to Code and How to Get Started

This event has already finished!
A special edition ‘programming fundamentals for non-programmers’ class for writers and journalists. As the world moves online and the way we consume the written word changes, it’s essential for writers to familiarise themselves with the web and understand the opportunities and challenges that this medium presents. Software literacy is becoming the new literacy. This session covers the fundamentals of how the web works, the difference between front-end web development and back-end programming, an introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript, reading code, editing and tweaking webpages, and an overview of responsive strategies for the written word in the digital and mobile world.
Presented in partnership with General Assembly and the Digital Writers’ Festival. 

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Artists in this event:

Jack Watson Hamblin

Nicknamed the “Wunderkinder” (Wonder Kid), Jack is currently running his own gig at MotionInMotion as a screencaster and freelancing at FluffyJack Design. Jack is an experienced programmer, web developer, and UX designer interested in innovative projects, who has recently published his own book, RubyMotion for Rails Developers.

Jack’s wealth of knowledge and professional pursuits are extensive. They include teaching Ruby for iOS and Rails Developers, building mobile apps, implementing agile methodology and delivering affordable online marketing solutions for Australian businesses. Jack has worked for NBN Co Limited, 6.2 an innovation Lab and Fillim, a global online video-on-demand platform, and is instructing the GA’s full-time Web Development Immersive Program in Sydney.

He is particularly passionate about the environment, human rights and poverty alleviation.