My Brilliant Bookclub

Stella Miles Franklin’s legacy is stamped all over the Australian literary landscape. But with two of our biggest literary prizes to her name, how many of us are actually familiar with her writing?

This is a chance to explore – or tear apart – the Australian canon from its beginnings. Franklin’s 1901 novel My Brilliant Career is a passionate, fast-paced and often funny protofeminist romance, which depicts rural Australia on the brink of entering a new era of federation. The land is tough, the racism casual, the class system unforgiving, and the gender roles strict – but made for breaking.

For the Digital Writers’ Festival’s book club we will be posting the text of My Brilliant Career, in full, here on our website. Using the interface, you can annotate the book to your heart’s content. Be critical, be celebratory, be analytical, be irreverent. Discover what, exactly, Franklin’s iconic novel has to teach us about the Australia of today.

My Brilliant Bookclub ran across the eleven days of the 2016 Digital Writers’ Festival, thanks to all our wonderful participants for taking part.

My Brilliant Bookclub is supported by the Stella Prize, and kicked off by Kylie Maslen and Veronica Sullivan.

Tuesday November 1 – Friday November 11