Weekend Seminars: Introduction to Editing

Editing is not simply circling spelling errors with a red pen, and it’s definitely not that thing Rory does in Gilmore Girls. In Introduction to Editing, writer and former Voiceworks editor Elizabeth Flux will take you from blank page to final product, discussing commissioning, communication strategies, and the integral task of balancing the writer/editor relationship.

Elizabeth will take you from the minutiae of making a style guide to negotiating big changes in a piece. Watch the seminar and bring your questions to the Live Chat for a rundown on all of the essentials of editing.

How do I attend this event?
Weekend Seminars are presented through YouTube Live. The day of the seminar you will receive an email with an exclusive link to watch the seminar. Audience members can participate using the Live Chat to interact with the presenter and ask their questions.

Saturday November 5
11am AEDT

$22 | $18 concession

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