Weekend Seminars: Sort Out Your Super

Superannuation is bewildering enough, but it can be especially daunting and confusing to writers with our patchwork work histories and fondness for words instead of numbers. Finance journalist Elizabeth Redman knows there’s a way to interpret those numbers, and she wants to help you interpret them, too.

This one-off seminar will be presented through YouTube live, and you can jump in on Live Chat to ask any of your pressing questions. Bring along your latest statement, sit down, and listen to Elizabeth walk through the ins and outs of sorting out your super.

Please note: This session is information only and not financial advice. For specific financial advice, talk to a registered accountant or financial planner.

How do I attend this event?

Weekend Seminars are presented through YouTube Live. The day of the seminar you will receive an email with an exclusive link to watch the seminar. Audience members can participate using the Live Chat to interact with the presenter and ask their questions.

Sunday November 6
11am AEDT

$22 | $18 concession

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