Women of TinyLetters

In 2016, letters and post-boxes have mostly been left aside for emails and inboxes. So how does this change the way we write to each other? And could it change the way we write to ourselves? For Women of TinyLetters, presented in partnership with the Wheeler Centre, four women write letters to themselves. Starting with A Letter To My 13-Year-Old Self, you’re invited to subscribe to their emails and listen in.

On November 4, join us for a very special DWF event live at the Wheeler Centre and streamed online: a series of live readings of ‘A Letter to My 43-Year-Old Self’, followed by a panel discussion on letter-writing today. And after the panel, receive one final TinyLetter: A Letter to My 73-Year-Old Self.

How are letters different when they are sent with a click of a button? How does our relationship to them change when they can’t be held in your hand? And what happens to our digital letters when we die?

Read back on all of the Women of TinyLetters emails here

Presented in partnership with the Wheeler Centre

Emails from October 19
Watch the panel back now!