Steven Finch

SJ Finch is a writer, artist, and producer. He has been published in Cottonmouth, Westerly, Sitelines, and Voiceworks. Finch was the managing editor of the creative journal dotdotdash. In 2015, he co-directed the interactive Fringe World performance Friendquest with Vidya Rajan; co-curated Anthologia with Alina Tang, an exhibition of floriographic poetry, and launched an ongoing nomadic residency inside a self-made traveling yurt. In 2016, Finch co-produced Grr Nights: a mini-festival of intimate performances in the yurt while inside The Blue Room Theatre. His practice is collaborative and multi-disciplinary, focused on creating temporary micro-communities and demonstrations of kindness and care.

Wednesday 2 November
3pm AEDT
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